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April 8, 2024

Fragments Torrent App Update Introduces Highly-Anticipated Feature

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A new version of the open-source BitTorrent client Fragments is available to download.

Fragments 3.0 sees the file-sharing fulfil a long-standing feature request from users, namely the ability to choose which files to download within a torrent, before they download.

Earlier versions of this Linux torrent client didn’t support this, meaning users couldn’t selectively download specific files within a torrent. The client instead would open the torrent and, once added, download all files.

For single-file torrents, or torrents where the user needs every file, that isn’t an issue. But it did mean users needing a particular file(s) within large, multi-gigabyte torrents — lots of archival ones are out there couldn’t — it’s great to see this feature finally added!

Other new features in Fragments 3.0 include:

  • Search files in active/completed torrents
  • Ability to add .torrent links from the clipboard
  • System no longer sleeps when torrents are active
  • Supports drag and drop of torrent files
  • Auto deletion of .torrent files after adding
  • Downloads now stop when metered network detected

As well as new features, Fragments v3.0 includes a number of improvements, bug fixes, and performance optimisations, including reduced CPU usage, better accessibility of the core UI, an and updates the Transmission daemon to v4.0.5.

The latest additions add to the existing feature set, which offers torrent scheduling, queuing, and controls; download/upload speed limits; Magnet link support; options to connect to remote Fragments and Transmission sessions; and more.

Fragments is free, open-source software built using GTK4/libadwaita and Rust. You can find the Fragments source code on Gitlab, where any issues/bugs should be reported.

You can read about the new version on the developer’s blog, or you can go-ahead and download/install the latest version from Flathub.

• Get Fragments on Flathub

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