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April 23, 2024

How the New Bypass Trick Facilitates Windows 11 Installation on Unsupported Systems

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In context: Windows IoT Enterprise OS family, formerly known as Windows Embedded, includes the Windows versions that Microsoft offers to businesses for use with “small-footprint” PCs, POS devices, and other embedded appliances. These versions of Windows IoT are simple to install, even with unsupported hardware components from Microsoft.

The recently uncovered “trick” to dodge the Windows 11 system requirement evaluation during the installation of the OS is much more powerful than initially believed. This same workaround also works for Windows IoT. It presents a standard Windows experience with the added benefit of using less storage space on smaller devices.

The discovery of this trick happened earlier this month. It uses a one-click process to avert the system requirements checks during the installation of Windows 11. Users simply select the Windows 11 IoT Enterprise LTSC edition, a specialized version of the OS intended for specific hardware, and the installation process will entirely ignore the hardware compatibility evaluation.

With the Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) edition of Windows Server, users receive a significant version upgrade every 2 to 3 years. They are afforded five years of mainstream support and an additional five years of extended support. Microsoft states that the Windows Server LTSC provides a”long servicing option” and consistency.

Just discovered that this also is true for the basic version of Windows 11 IoT Enterprise (non-LTSC) during Windows Setup.

It’s evident that IoT Enterprise is the BEST version of Windows 11, avoiding any system requirements or fixes! javascript:void(0); javascript:void(0);

The same individual who exposed the bypass for LTSC versions verifies that it’s also effective for non-LTSC Windows, starting with version 24H2. Bob Pony claims that the key is to select the “IoT Enterprise” option during the Windows 11 installation. The IoT edition is equal to standard Windows versions, but it can be adapted for compact hardware with lesser storage constraints.

Windows LTSC was created by Microsoft for businesses and organizations desiring to avoid regular Windows updates or test out newer, unfinished features. Windows IoT provides a similar experience to standard Windows consumer editions, and it also can now be installed on older systems, all thanks to the newly discovered bypass method.

As known by every PC user, Windows 11 came with high hardware requirements, resulting in the upgrade from Windows 10 being unavailable for many systems. Resourceful users soon discovered that Microsoft has left several “alternative” ways to bypass the system requirement check, thus allowing them to install the OS despite this. However, it seems Microsoft is willing to make the latest versions of Windows 11 simply incompatible with older CPUs that lack support for x86 instructions.

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