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May 2, 2024

Important Update Warning Issued by Microsoft for All Windows 10 and 11 Users

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Microsoft’s latest Windows update isn’t as simple as it sounds

Microsoft has been no stranger to awkward update bugs over the years, and the latest to hit Windows 10 and 11 users is no different. “VPN connections might fail after installing the April 2024 security update,” the company has warned.

While the bug also hits Windows Server, it is home and mobile users on desktops and laptops that will likely be the most heavily impacted. And if your VPN stops working, that clearly puts you at risk. Users relying on this security should certainly ensure their VPNs are set to drop network connectivity if the VPN disconnects.

The full list of impacted platforms is as follows:

VPNs seem to be a recurrent problem for Windows, as Neowin reports that “on numerous occasions, Windows updates have disrupted VPN settings, resulting in connection failures, slow speeds, and other issues.”

The most significant risk here is for business users who have secure connections to enterprise networks, and for users who rely on their VPNs for secure access from locations like hotels, airports, public Wi-Fi spots, and more. These types of users should “seek assistance for your organization via Support for business.”

It is feasible to reverse the security update in order to restore VPN connectivity, explanation on how to accomplish this can be found here. This will, of course, eliminate critical patches as well.

As noted by Neowin, this issue arises just a month after the surprising shutdown of Google’s One VPN, due to “a peculiar problem in which it was discovered to be overwriting Windows DNS settings. Intriguingly, just about a week later, Google officially stated that it will be discontinuing the service on June 10, 2024.”

Interestingly, in this instance, Microsoft assures its user base that they are “actively investigating user reports, intending to provide further information in the upcoming days.”

In somewhat of an ironic twist, a security patch has crippled security-centric VPNs, leaving users in a less secure state, which leads to speculation that Microsoft will address these issues promptly.

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