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January 22, 2024

Investigation Underway: Windows Server 2022 Apps Broken by Latest Windows Update

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Microsoft officials have acknowledged an issue causing apps to crash or display as blank/white on Windows Server 2022 due to KB5034129. This glitch, discussed in a previous report, is responsible for the malfunctioning of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and some Adobe apps.

Our tests indicate that when opened, apps like Google Chrome show a blank or white screen, with neither browser relaunch nor system restart offering a solution. A number of our readers have verified that uninstalling the Windows 10 Server 2022 KB5034129 update reenables access to the impacted apps.

Since this patch, marked KB5034129, repairs severe security problems and is therefore compulsory for administrators, many have already installed it. Unfortunately, post-installation, some admins have been unable to use Google Chrome, Edge or Firefox. There have also been instances of the bug affecting Adobe software.

The issue has been duly reported on both Feedback Hub and Mozilla’s Bugzilla forum.

The good news is Microsoft is looking into the reports, and the company tells me it will share more details soon.

At the time of writing, the tech giant hadn’t acknowledged the report in its support document, but users continued to run into the issue.

My tests suggest the issue is related to a GPU load failure. When graphics do not load, you will see a blank screen when accessing apps like Google Chrome or Edge.

We don’t believe the issue is limited to browsers, but you’re more likely to run into a white screen bug when opening Chrome or Edge. Sometimes, the problem is also experienced when accessing Windows Search, Adobe apps, or the Snipping Tool.

Several individuals have opted to delete KB5034129 in an attempt to recover Chrome or Edge on their Windows Server. However, you don’t need to undo critical security updates, instead, you can adjust one Windows Registry setting for a solution.

For instance, in situations where Chrome crashes and exhibits a white screen, the registry key titled “chrome.exe” can be eliminated from the directory as shown below:

In addition to this, we’ve also developed a PowerShell script to automate this procedure:

If you are unable to launch Edge, you can replace Chrome.exe with MSEdge.exe in the script given above.

Or, if you do not want to delete a registry key, try renaming msedge.exe to something like edge_test.exe, and Edge will launch again.

The January 2024 update has a nasty surprise for everyone, including those on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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