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April 13, 2018


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Choosing the right web hosting plan can be difficult, especially when it is specific to your project. It is true that you do not need a WordPress hosting plan to run WordPress, but their advantages do make it quite enticing. Today, we will go over the advantages to WordPress Hosting.

Speed & Performance

WordPress hosting shares servers with other WordPress installs, providing a few advantages. The server’s resource usage is more predictable. Configuration to the server can be more specific, this means upgrades can occur at a much higher rate.


WordPress hosting can pre-configure many web-related technologies, accommodating quick setup within WordPress. Although it is not difficult to integrate a user with WordPress, it can be be time consuming. With a WordPress hosting plan, these steps can be expedited.


WordPress hosting secures all their servers running WordPress to protect them from CMS-specific threats. They are able to administer upgrades and apply security patches when needed. Throughout this process, WordPress hosting can also identify any vulnerabilities across various accounts.

Usage of WordPress

With WordPress hosting plans, services are affordable and usually are bundled. Installation for these services are simple for any user. With SSL, sites are easily secured without the need of a third party. With the use of a CDN, you can speed up the site with any confusing steps or API.

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