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April 22, 2024

Launch of GNOME Podcasts 7.0: Now Featuring iTunes and Fyyd Search Functionality

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If you love podcasts and you love the look of GTK4/libadwaita apps then you’ll be pleased to hear a new version of the GNOME Podcasts app has been released.

If you’ve never heard of it, Podcasts is a capable, no-fuss podcast app for Linux. It offers a streamlined set of features in a clean, user-friendly user-interface. No pushy algorithms, AI suggestions, or “trending” fluff in sight.

GNOME Podcasts 7.0 was released this weekend. It’s been in development for a while (I covered the 6.0 release last July) and it delivers a number of backend improvements, GTK fixes, integrations buffs, and improved app performance.

New user-facing features/changes are also included in the update.

Podcasts 7.0 lets you search for and subscribe to podcasts using iTunes search straight from the Add Podcast page.

“iTunes?!” — yes, iTunes! It remains the biggest and most widely used podcast directory in the world. Most major podcasts can be found on it and, uniquely for an Apple service, it has an API 3rd-party app developers are allow to use.

With Podcasts 7.0 you are able to open the app, search for a podcast by name, and subscribe to it directly — no longer do you need to scour the web for a valid RSS/XML link, paste it in to the app, and pray it works!

In addition to iTunes, this version also supports fyyd, another popular podcast directory.

Elsewhere, Podcasts 7.0 boasts a new player control barat the bottom of the main window. The app’s developers have moved to a newer widget style and the end result looks a bit (and I’m told, performs) better than before.

And that’s this update in a nutshell.

For casual podcast listeners the simple, focused feature set of Podcasts (compared to more advanced, power-user podcast clients) is sure to appeal. It doesn’t over-engineer the experience or distract with social integrations.

If you want to take it for a spin you can grab the latest release from Flathub.

Mucho thanks Scotty_Trees

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