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April 16, 2024

Microsoft’s Copilot App Detected in Windows Server 2022: Currently Non-Operational

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Quietly adding a Copilot app to Windows machines is Microsoft Edge’s latest move, with Windows Server 2022 being the newest target. In the past, a full-fledged Copilot was incorporated into Windows Server 2025 preview builds; however, Microsoft withdrew the AI function without offering any explanation.

It’s significant to note that, Microsoft isn’t integrating a complete Copilot into Windows Server 2022, but it has introduced a web-based shortcut accountable for manipulating some of the OS’s AI components.

If you’re a user of Windows Server 2022 or any other Windows edition, you’ll spot the latest Microsoft Copilot app (shortcut) on the Apps & Features page. This app’s size is merely 8 KB, while the same application on customer editions (Windows 11 and 10) measures 16 KB.

Numerous users are curious about the function of an application like Copilot on a Windows Server computer. The truth is it has no practical use on a Windows Server machine. There’s no way to search for it using the Start Menu or to launch it from any other source.

Windows Latest understands Copilot app showing up in Windows Server could be a mistake, and not an intended behaviour.

Microsoft told Windows Latest that the Copilot app is added using Microsoft Edge, so if the app is installed on your device, it’s likely you’ve updated Edge to v123 or newer.

Fortunately, you can disable the newest entry of bloatware from Microsoft by configuring a Group Policy.

To disable it, navigate to the User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Copilot > Turn off Windows Copilot policy. Still, Windows Server 2022 users have more control over the app.

Windows Latest has previously written about the small Copilot application making its unannounced entry into the operating system. In consumer editions, Microsoft suggests not removing it since it will facilitate future AI features.

However, its inclusion in the Windows Server editions is questionable, especially since this development is left unmentioned in the official documentation.

Copilot has the potential to turn into a profit-making venture eventually, aligning with Microsoft’s full-scale adoption of the AI trend. Having incorporated AI into Bing and Windows, they now plan to develop a novel category of AI Personal Computers.

Copilot has become virtually ubiquitous in Windows 11, the Edge browser, and the Taskbar. Microsoft, however, aspires to take it one notch higher!

Apart from the usual software-based AI features like changing settings and analyzing and summarising data and images, more features will work natively. Upcoming Windows features like AI Explorer will need an NPU, the USP of the forthcoming AI PCs.

Microsoft even added a dedicated Copilot key on the keyboard to make the AI PCs stand out.

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