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April 17, 2024

Mysterious Appearance of Microsoft Copilot App in Windows Server 2022: An App That Does Nothing

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Microsoft’s Copilot, a code-writing ally, has been observed in Windows Server 2022, though, the particulars of its present functionality remain unclear.

Following the resumption of tests for the automatic launch of Copilot during Windows 11 boot-up, this feature now appears to be getting incorporated into the Microsoft Edge browser for Windows devices. Windows Server 2022 latest to adopt this addition, after an analogous, yet eventually abandoned, integration of a comprehensive Copilot feature in preview builds of Windows Server 2025.

Microsoft’s test will see the Copilot auto launch on “widescreen” devices during startup.javascript:void(0); pic.twitter.com/YhzPcEs9yT

That being said, Microsoft still needs to integrate a completely functioning version of Copilot within Windows Server 2022. Instead, it may end up being one of the web-based quick accesses that offers entry to some of the system’s AI features via the Edge browser.

A strange development has been observed in Windows Server 2022 (and perhaps additional versions of Windows). The presence of a Microsoft Copilot app, which seems to be a shortcut, is now visible under Apps & Features. Intriguingly, this app only takes up 8KB, half the size of the 16KB Copilot shortcut which can be found in consumer Windows 11 and 10 editions

Inquiring minds want to know why “Microsoft #Copilot” has been installed on my Windows Server 2022 machine? #WinSrv2022

As one might expect, eyebrows have been raised at the inclusion of the Copilot app in Windows Server 2022. This AI-driven coding assistant, geared towards development tasks, seems out of place in a server setting. Adding to the puzzlement, the app cannot be found via the Start Menu and cannot be accessed through conventional launch methods.

It is the belief of the team at Windows Latest, that the presence of the Copilot app in the Windows Server may be an error, rather than something that was meant to happen. Microsoft has assured the platform that Copilot will be introduced at the same time as updates are made to Microsoft Edge. This seems to imply that those users with Windows Server 2022 who have updated Edge to version 123 and beyond, may without knowing it have also gained the Copilot shortcut.

While the functionality of the Copilot shortcut in Windows Server 2022 remains unclear, users who don’t require it can easily disable it through Group Policy configuration. Here’s a quick guide:

This will disable the Copilot shortcut from appearing in the Apps & Features list. The outlet previously reported on the unexpected inclusion of a small Copilot app in the operating system. However, the Redmond-based tech giant urges users to avoid removing it on consumer editions because it will enable some AI features in the future.

Windows Server 2022 ships Copilot! pic.twitter.com/8WdGyT0oES

Although Microsoft believes Copilot will eventually generate income, the problem of including the AI tool in Windows Server editions still needs to be solved. While the company aggressively integrates AI features across its products, its presence on server systems needs a clear explanation.

Microsoft is leading the AI revolution, implementing the technology in Bing and Windows with the goal to create a brand new generation of AI-driven PCs. Copilot, Microsoft’s AI partner, is currently incorporated into Windows 11, Edge, and the Taskbar.

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