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February 23, 2018


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So you have been tasked with finding the best possible dedicated server. Before you can determine which provider or the type of server to go with, you must first understand what your requirements and specifications are. Knowing the importance of DDoS protection and the type of hardware that’s running your server are just a couple of the many factors you should look in to before making a decision.

Below, I will go over key factors and features you should assess before you make a decision on a server and provider.


You may have thought you found the perfect server and provider based on price and support, but you forgot to take notice of one very important aspect; the hardware. Components that must be assessed before making any decision are processing power, RAM, bandwidth, and storage. Based on what specific functions and performance you expect; these options are important when choosing the right server. Let’s go over some specifications you will need to look in to before deciding on your dedicated server.


Your processor is the power behind the dedicated server. Deciding on a processor will be based on the type of functions and applications you will use on a daily basis. For more basic functions, you might able to get away with an Intel Atom C2758, but if you demand more optimal performance, you might need an Intel Xeon E3-1240V3.


How much bandwidth you’ll want will be based on the amount of traffic and the type of files you’ll be running. If you experience a large amount of traffic on a daily basis and run HD pictures or stream multimedia files, high bandwidth servers are the right choice for you.


RAM, or memory is a key determining factor for efficient and fast load times to your server. If you want to maintain a larger amount of traffic or utilize multiple applications at a time, you’ll want more RAM for optimal functionality.


When choosing a hard drive, you must determine how much storage you will actually need for your server. You must first assess your file size and what your daily functions are. There are 2 types of hard drives to choose from, a standard hard drive, or a SSD (solid-state drive). The difference between the two are quite significant in regards to performance and speed. An SSD is much faster and more durable than a standard hard drive, although, SSD’s are more expensive. When running a server, speed is the determining factor when deciding on a hard drive.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Mitigation should be a standard when choosing a dedicated server or provider. DDoS attacks are extremely common on the web and can happen at any instant. Without protection, an attack can leave your business in complete disarray and can cause serious damage if not immediately assessed. Any business subject to an DDoS attack can experience anything from a loss of revenue and diminished reputation to a loss of clientele.

24/7 Tech Support

Unexpected issues can occur at any time and you never know when they can occur. 24/7/365 support should be provided with any IT infrastructure. This not only maintains high efficiency but also provides resolutions to all questions or concerns to your dedicated server at any given time.

Data Centers in Multiple, Desirable Locations

Multiple locations in larger markets play a major factor when it comes to performance to a dedicated server. Data centers in major markets open up the ability to provide services that providers in smaller markets cannot support. When looking for a quality provider, the ones that stand out from the rest offer optimal service in multi-homing and routing optimization.

With Hudson Valley Host’s presence with data centers in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Buffalo, you gain access to a dedicated server with optimal performance and protection!

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So you finally see the light and you’re ready to choose a dedicated server. At Hudson Valley Host, we provide a variety of customization options based on your exact needs.

For more information, visit our dedicated server page at https://www.hudsonvalleyhost.com/budgetdedicated.php or submit a ticket at https://billing.hudsonvalleyhost.com/contact.php.

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