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January 19, 2024

Windows Server 2022 KB5034129 Update Causes Edge, Chrome, and Firefox to Crash: A White Screen Saga

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Upon the installation of the KB5034129 update, if Google Chrome and/or other applications or browsers are experiencing crashes, eradicating the .exe file from your registry may rectify the faulty apps.

The KB5034129 update, a compulsory Patch Tuesday 2024 authorisation for Windows Server 2022, is known to disrupt the functionality of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. It has been confirmed through our tests at Windows Latest that enterprises and individuals are reporting cases where applications such as Adobe and their browsers are opening to a blank window.

Windows 10-based Windows Server 2022 received the KB5034129 update on January 9, introducing numerous enhancements. Among these are fixes for complications impacting InTune or hybrid joined devices, as well as a resolution to the issue of Microsoft Excel ceasing to respond when an Excel sheet is attempted to be shared as a PDF via Outlook.

As a compulsory update, the majority of companies have promptly installed KB5034129 due to its resolution to Wi-Fi adapter problems. Nonetheless, many have reported to us that following the Windows Server 2022 update, browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla’s Firefox have been opening to a blank white page.

One user shared that Edge was consuming approximately 50% of CPU usage with a dozen Edge processes and 8 to 10 Windows error reporting processes functioning simultaneously. This concern also led to a rapid filling up of disk space, however, it was evident only on a few of their terminal servers.

After the update, Chrome started displaying a blank screen, the logs highlighted a GPU load failure. All attempts to rectify this issue were unsuccessful, these included an upgrade of VMWare Tools, testing the most recent Chrome Beta, and reinstalling Chrome altogether. The only remedy was the removal of the troublesome update.

A bug post on Mozilla forums suggests that this bug isn’t exclusive to Chrome and affects Firefox too.

During our testing phase, we figured that deleting the registry key “chrome.exe” located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionImage File Execution Options resolved the issue.

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Or you can open PowerShell and run the following command to delete the .exe:

You can also rename chrome.exe to something like chrome_test.exe, and Chrome will start working again.

These steps do not require a reboot and work in most cases.

Additionally, some of our readers are encountering installation issues with KB5034439 and KB5034129

They reported error code 0x80070643 and problems when installing the security patch, even on newly built Server 2022 VMs from the official ISO. These VMs have a standard 200GB virtual HDD with a 573MB recovery partition, indicating that the issue is not related to imaging or a flawed base image.

In our tests, we noticed that the issue is experienced when the system detects a recovery partition with low storage. You can fix it by increasing the partition size, or you can use the PowerShell script uploaded to our Discord server’s Windows 10 channel.

Before running the script, you must download and install the Safe OS Dynamic Update from the Microsoft Update Catalog. Once done, run the PowerShell script, which applies the Safe OS update, and patches the installation errors by reconfiguring BitLocker.

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