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April 10, 2024

Windows Server 2025’s New Feature: No Reboots Necessary for Security Updates

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The new version of Windows Server allows organizations to install security patches without rebooting servers.

Larger updates that arrive quarterly do still require a reboot. Nevertheless, Windows Server 2025’s new feature means IT teams can count on less downtime than before. This option is made possible by modifying in memory code without having to reboot the process. Installing updates should also be faster than before due to this method.

Any version of Windows Server will receive the feature, including variants running on VMware or on Hyper-V. In addition, the hotpatching feature will not only appear on the Server version of Windows. It seems that the new Windows 11 24H2, to be released later this year, will also feature this option.

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Windows Server 2025 is set to be the most consequential update to the server OS since the 2022 version. One notable feature of this version is the elimination of the need to reboot after a security update. Another remarkable improvement is the enhanced SSD support. With the 2025 version, NVME drives will operate in an efficient mode, enhancing IOPS (input/output operations per second) by up to 70 percent.

Microsoft will persist its system of providing single-use licenses. However, a new, subscription-based version of Windows Server will be introduced for the first time.

Security advancements are also a prominent feature of Windows Server 2025. Importantly, it facilitates the support for TLS 1.3 for the first time. Furthermore, all LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) communications will be encrypted by default as a standard practice going forward.

Python’s use is exponentially growing, benefitting massively from the advancement of AI.

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