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July 1, 2024

Windows Server Build 26244 Released: Discover the Crucial Update

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The feature will make devices more secure in face of cyberattacks.

published on July 1, 2024

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Microsoft has just released the latest Windows Server Insider Program update, Build 26244. Fascinatingly, this update shares its build number with the recently launched Windows 11 Canary Channel build.

The change log for this update is almost the same as before, except for a particular change: the Redmond-based tech giant decided to focus on Delegated Managed Service Accounts (dMSA). This account kind aids in shifting from normal service accounts to machine accounts with managed and entirely random keys. It’s a step that ensures better security by stopping credential collection through vulnerable accounts, which is frequently seen in regular service accounts.

The authentication method for dMSA is tied to the device identity. This means only certain machine identities, which are mapped in Active Directory, can access the account. It’s a smart solution that could greatly reduce security dangers related to service accounts.

A new account type known as delegated Managed Service Account (dMSA) is now available that allows migration from a traditional service account to a machine account with managed and fully randomized keys, while disabling original service account passwords.

For Server Flighting participants, this new build should be delivered automatically. It will include the newest version of the Feedback Hub app for Server Desktop users.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the Windows Server Build 26244 has various known issues that may cause some troubles: difficulties finishing upgrades, errors stating “Access Denied” when using Diskpart on particular VMs, and an odd label mismatch saying Windows 11 instead of Windows Server.

Also, graphical rendering problems occur when setting up and PowerShell script issues in WinPE (Windows Preinstallation Environment). These small obstacles demonstrate the continuous difficulties faced in developing software and how valuable it is for the community to give feedback to find out problems and solve them.

Windows Server Build 26244 is available, but some countries do not allow downloads. However, for people who can access it, the preview comes in ISO and VHDX formats with many language choices for the ISO format.

You can read the Windows Server Build 26244’s full changelog here.

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Flavius Floare

Tech Journalist

Flavius is a writer and a media content producer with a particular interest in technology, gaming, media, film, and storytelling. He’s always curious and ready to take on everything new in the tech world, covering Microsoft’s products on a daily basis. The passion for gaming and hardware feeds his journalistic approach, making him a great researcher and news writer who’s always ready to bring you the bleeding edge!

Flavius Floare

Tech Journalist

Flavius is a writer and a media content producer with a particular interest in technology, gaming, media, film and storytelling.

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