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May 1, 2024

Microsoft Accidentally Installs And Then Removes Copilot App From Windows Server

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The Copilot feature in Windows 11 isn’t separate, it’s part of the operating system. However, after an update to the Microsoft Edge browser, it has begun appearing in the Installed app list. It was noted that even PCs running the Windows Server edition installed this Copilot app automatically following the Edge browser’s 123.0.2420.65 update.

Microsoft has already confirmed to Windows Latest that the release of 123.0.2420.65 on March 28, 2024, inadvertently installed the “Copilot” web package. Microsoft didn’t provide any further explanation.

Windows Latest suggests that this mysterious 8KB shortcut is a web package that enables European users to access a future feature named “chat provider”. The web app is included in a MSIX package called “Microsoft Chat Provider for Copilot in Windows”.

This package has been deployed to every user with Microsoft Edge 123, including on systems where Copilot is unsupported. As a consequence, the new Copilot package has been spotted in the Apps & Features > Installed apps section by some Windows Server 2022 users.

Microsoft has acknowledged in a recently updated support document that Edge 124 removes the Copilot app from Windows Server. The company has rolled out a fresh update for the Edge browser, bringing the version up to 124.0.2478.67. This update takes away the ‘Microsoft chat provider for Copilot in Windows’ package from the computer.

You only have to ensure and apply the latest update for the Edge browser on your Windows Server machines. Copilot was never meant to be on Windows Server computers, and this unexpected installation raised questions among users.

The application can be removed from Windows Server 2022. To do this, navigate to the Apps & Features app collection and choose the Uninstall option.

You also have the option to disable this Copilot app by modifying the policy in User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Copilot > Turn off Windows Copilot.

Microsoft has recently introduced alerts for Microsoft account sign-ins in the Start menu amongst other changes to Windows Server.

The decision to

prompt admins to use a Microsoft Account for signing into Windows Server 2025 has raised some doubts.

In another development, Microsoft

introduced Sudo in the Server editions giving clear indications that it won’t be included in the future operating systems.

Because Windows Server is designed for a different use case, it doesn’t require the bloatware that comes with Windows 11.

Copilot is already incorporated in numerous system apps in consumer editions and is expected to be integrated in all parts of the OS shortly.

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